Two milennia... and so little change?

All Roads Lead to Rome

One of the greatest legacies of the Roman Empire are the roads. Making technology, awareness of the need for good quality roads, the public good, financing, tolls, etc., all the principles that applied prior to the millennium, apply now.
It is less known that the Romans made the first cadastral road that included a list of bookmarks, equipment, cities on the road and the specific situation, so that it can be said that the idea of the road cadastre as old as I am the way.
First cadastre – Master Itinerarium started 44 BC by order of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The work was entrusted three Greek geographers (Zenodoxus, Theodotus, and Polyclitus) who completed the job for 25 years. The result was Master Itinerarium carved in stone in front of the Parthenon's where people were able to copy the parts that were interested.

New Age

With the arrival of new technologies and the development of road infrastructure needs for high-quality list of roads, traffic signals, equipment and facilities to them has become more and more. The company PlanetSoft is with a team of experienced experts in the field of transport and with many years of experience in information technology developed its own solution VIA Planet. A set of applications within the package VIA Planet enables always updated information about road infrastructure. Help maintain infrastructure through a set of rules to reduce human error, clear information to be forensic practice with complete history and automatic reconstruction of the situation, identification of black spots. Reporting on any parameter and many other features that allow VIA planet become a useful and indispensable tool for all participants in the management chain. Designers, managers, heads of construction sites and even the general public.


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